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About Us

Established in 1982, Native Northwest is recognized for its innovation in museum quality merchandise that features Native Art. We only work with First Nations and Native American artists and acknowledge the artist and his/her cultural affiliations on our products. Our packaging often features quotes by the artists, providing insight into the cultural meaning of the design. We are committed to the integrity of the artists, their art, their community, and their culture.
As an industry leader, we offer a wide range of products, such as wearables, drinkware, giftware, educational resources, fashion accessories, etc.

Our concern for the environment includes “greening” our own work space. We also offer an array of products that reduce imprints in the world: travel mugs, water bottles, recycled bags, water based inks on garments, etc.

We are proud of our “Native Explore” line which focuses on culturally connected children’s products and educational resources. These products encourage learning and literacy amongst Native and non-Native children. Our books, games, puppets, plush and puzzles are great for learning and for fun. They are also great for home and as resources for classrooms and early childhood learning centres.

We’d like to thank the artists with whom we work, whose talent and connection to their culture make it all possible! We take our social responsibility seriously and have many partners that we support in providing social, educational, and cultural programs. Native Northwest is located on traditional Musqueam Territory and expresses its respect and appreciation.

We very much appreciate your ongoing support and always welcome your feedback.